I recently helped install an IP camera deployment in a home and ran into some weird issues so I figured I’d post here... Continue reading

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BackgroundWhen it comes to the internet of things, there is much excitement surrounding the potential for automation ... Continue reading

In the past, I've used fabric to help in automating the deployment of Django Apps. Additionally, I ... Continue reading

Now that I’ve started grad school, I read quite a number of academic papers. A typical week consists of at least 5 r... Continue reading

I’ve been there. My friends have been there. Maybe you’re there right now.It’s easy to do. You work accesssing a n... Continue reading

So I’ve started learning a bit more about web application programming andjavascript, and my blog seemed like a nice p... Continue reading

Having had my fun with Wordpress I’ve decided to redo my blogging platform, and hopefully blog a bit more in the proc... Continue reading

Having finished all of our classes and tiring of studying over lecture slides, Nick and I decided to go check out Sai... Continue reading

Well, I’m just about to go in and take exams.  I have two coming up on Friday.  Both Discrete Mathematics and Operati... Continue reading

I spent this past weekend in the Siem Reap area in Cambodia.  Siem Reap is known for it’s surrounding temples, in par... Continue reading

Having seen only bits and pieces of the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve while my family was in Singapore, I decided to go ... Continue reading

I can’t believe that recess week has come and gone, and with it so has my family.  Not only that, but another week af... Continue reading

Today I went down to Sentosa, the man-made island off the coast of Singapore.  I believe all the sand on the island w... Continue reading

Hard to believe, but I’m half way through the 6th of my 14 weeks in Singapore.  Seems like it’s going by really fast.... Continue reading

One of the Chinese New Year celebrations in Singapore is the Chingay Parade.  It occurs two nights in a row, and invo... Continue reading

Last weekend was Chinese Lunar New Year.  This can be compared to Christmas time in other parts of the world.  I me... Continue reading

Here are some pictures that I took a few days ago in the China Garden.  The pictures below should rotate through, and... Continue reading

I finished up my third day of class a little while ago (by 12:30 today).  I am currently in Discrete Mathematics, Ope... Continue reading

Well, I’ve been here for three days.  So far I am having a lot of fun.  I am still feeling the Jet Lag a little.  I’l... Continue reading

And I’ve already been here a full two days.  So far every thing is really cool.  I have gotten unpacked and have al... Continue reading

Well, I haven’t left the country yet but I’m already learning quite a bit about the financial system in America and a... Continue reading

Hi.  Welcome to my personal blog.  Topics are going to vary, but for now I am going to be posting mostly about my exp... Continue reading