June 13, 2013

So I’ve started learning a bit more about web application programming and javascript, and my blog seemed like a nice place to start learning about the new javascript framework AngularJS being developed at Google.

It’s really cool and thanks to John Linquist’s videos, it is really easy to learn too.

This being my first foray into a javascript framework (outside of jQuery/ jQueryUI), I had a lot to learn but it went quickly enough. You’ll notice now that clicking the “Older Posts” & “Newer Posts” on the front page don’t cause the entire DOM to reload. Just the content. This is being done with an AngularJS “ng-view” that is linked to based on the route, also defined with AngularJS.

This all was relatively easy to set up; I did had the site setup to cause links to posts to also be loaded in the ng-view, but decided against that for this particular use case because it causes permalinks to fail. Even so, the main page navigation is much more responsive.

On the home page I’m using Jekyll to generate a posts.json file and then use “ng-resource” to do a “Post.query()” on the home page and then limit the array to 5 items on each page. You can check out the full source code for that in main.js

Right now the biggest issue for me is the fact that the routes don’t match cleanly to actual URL’s, so it makes permalinks hard to use with statically generated sites, but I really like the framework overall and am looking for ways to integrate it with some other projects I’m working on.

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