June 04, 2013

Having had my fun with Wordpress I’ve decided to redo my blogging platform, and hopefully blog a bit more in the process. I really like what Wordpress has done, but I first set that up years ago before I was familiar with general web development, and lately I have decided that it too restricting if you have a developer background. I’ve gotten started with Jekyll that’s being developed by the folks at github, and thus far am really loving it. I can now write posts in any text editor using markdown or just general html. Right now I prefer using html, but may start using more markdown as that’s what github is currently using.

Converting my existing posts from Wordpress hasn’t been too challenging thanks to tools like exitwp, but there is still a fair bit left to be done. I’m still in the process of converting over existing comments and signing-up/integrating [Disqus]. Then I need to verify that the permalinks are still correct for old posts. I’ll finalize the conversion by migrating my images over and ensuring that they display correctly with my new theme. None of these should be too troublesome.


Disqus is now integrated; they’ve really done a great job of easing integration. Just copy and paste a string of javascript and you’re good to go. The only thing left to do is to integrate the pictures from the old posts into this new format. (This ended up being pretty tricky as the version of [Nivo Slider] I was using in Wordpress depended on a different version of jQuery than the blog, which is also a different version of jQuery than the version of jQuery UI that I’m using in the archive buttons to the right required, so that was kind of a mess…)

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