March 05, 2011

Sentosa Beach

Today I went down to Sentosa, the man-made island off the coast of Singapore.  I believe all the sand on the island was imported from Malaysia.

Sentosa is targeted at tourists and families; there are multiple family hotels, a Universal Studios, among other touristy things.  These family hotels are different from the rest of hotels in Singapore, since they likely let you get accommodations for more than two people.  Hotels in Singapore proper only allow rooms to have at most two occupants.

I realized again how urbanized Singapore is while getting to Sentosa.  I took a bus to get on the east-west line at a mall, switched to the north-south line at another mall, and got off at a final mall before getting to Sentosa, which was full of malls.  Did I mention that I went to a mall?

The island was pretty fun.  We got there kind of late, so there wasn’t much time to see a lot of it, but it was very relaxing.  Got to go for a swim and play around in the sand.  Always a fun thing to do at the beginning of March.

Overall, today was a nice relaxing Saturday in Singapore.  I’ll have to make sure and go back in order to check out the rest of the island.

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