January 23, 2011

Well, I’ve been here for three days.  So far I am having a lot of fun.  I am still feeling the Jet Lag a little.  I’ll wake up feel like I should be going to bed.  Being fourteen hours ahead is just kind of weird.

I just got back from downtown earlier; some friends and I went out in search of one of these Lonely Planet books for Southeast Asia.  I had never heard of these, but apparently if you are going to be traveling around you just have to get one.  It has information on all the must see places, notes on the local culture, and suggestions for various types of budgets.  This last item is really nice because it can help you find really cheap rooms to stay in.  I have heard stories of international students traveling around and getting rooms for $3 a night after dividing the room between three or four people.

Flights in this area are extremely cheap.  My friends and I are already looking at tickets and planning trips around the region.  You can buy tickets while they are on sale and then use them sometime in the next three months from what I understand.  And when I say cheap, you have to understand I don’t just mean relatively cheap for a plane ticket; I mean really really cheap.  I think a ticket from here to Bangkok is like SGD$40 which is a little less when converted to US dollars. That is about what I would pay for a round trip out of Starkville and back by car, so that’ll work for me!

I finally got my class schedule more or less figured out.  Class starts tomorrow morning, so I figured that is something that I ought to start looking at.  I realized after roaming around for two days that I better start looking at what courses I am suppose to be taking; kind of a bummer.  I don’t start until 11:30 tomorrow morning, so that should give me some time to be able to find out where my classes are.  Everything on this campus is huge, so it really makes finding your way around pretty hard at first.

My roommate and neighbors are nice.  In fact, everyone I have met has been extremely friendly.  Lim (my roommate) did tell me thought that people in the area are typically less likely to talk to random strangers.  I have met a few other guys who are also international students.  Jirka from the Czech Republic, Michael from Germany, and Nick from Connecticut.

Well, I’m super tired.  Been forcing my self to stay awake during the day so that I’ll be able to sleep, but now that it’s night, I think that’s what I’m gonna do.

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