January 22, 2011

Bus 179

And I’ve already been here a full two days.  So far every thing is really cool.  I have gotten unpacked and have already been exploring some through the city.  This required me to learn how to use the train and bus systems.  It is really interesting how they have public transit streamlined here.  I just had to get a so called “ez link” card.  This is an RFID card that you just hold up to a card reader when you get on and off the bus and when you enter and leave the train platforms.

Check this out.  This is the 179 route, one of two routes that takes you off campus.  You can take it to the metro station, and once you get to there you can pretty much get any where really easily.


I am still getting use to the dorm.  Singaporeans are very energy conscience, so often they either don’t use or don’t have AC, which is the case in Hall 7 where I am staying.

I have been able to adjust pretty well though and in a few weeks I’m sure that I won’t even notice the heat at night.

The entire campus is really pretty.  Everything building is very big and very modern, but they were still able to maintain an island green feel.  There are plants and trees everywhere.

This is where I am staying in Hall 7.  Like I said, plenty of green, which you might not have expected in a city of 5 million residents.

As soon as I get some more pictures I’ll do a post on the various buildings around campus.

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